Playing with Color

To keep my head and hands busy, I’ve been digitally playing with color for the evergreen silk bonnet I am working on. Here is the bonnet in it’s current state. The white silk on the crown photographs very brightly. The frill of vintage organdy is finished and waiting to be attached. Once I have that on, this bonnet will be available in an untrimmed state.


I rather like purples and greens together. Here are two different versions of purple flowers. The second has a gold ribbon, which I think is more pleasing than a true triad relationship that would include an orange. Evergreen a Evergreen b

Working almost directly across the color wheel, we have the green and red combination. The first is a softened rose. I could see this with either a rose ribbon or a neutral pewter gray.

Evergreen c

The true red has that seasonal feel to me. This could be carried through with adding some berries and a red ribbon, or pulled back with a softly striped ribbon such as this white and gold one.

Evergreen d

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