Trying something new

I learned about a new tool at work earlier this week. My mind nearly exploded with all the things that can be done with it as a teaching tool. I had to play with it. I now have recordings of me reading Peter Rabbit and Susan B. Anthony’s defense, along with several “demo” attempts. I was having so much fun, I kept going when I got home.

Here is the result. Let me know what you think.

This is a recording of me visiting the MFA site, discussing the anatomy of a straw bonnet. It is short and I left out a few things. But, you get the idea of what this tool can do. Please, let me know what you think, if you would like more recordings like this or if they are too difficult to deal with.

Click Here for the Recording

thumbnailThe link will take you to Google Drive and should play the recording. For some reason, sometimes this image comes up. If you get it, click “download” to view the mp4 file directly on your computer or phone.

Whoops Download

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  1. I love this! Please do more!

  2. I, also, loved it! Yes,yes,yes…more,more,more!!!!

  3. This is wonderful. Please do more!

  4. Nice to hear your voice in addition to the written blog posts. I like this idea, but I would suggest that you keep the videos short and to the point, as I might not be inclined to watch a very long one… The 2ish minutes of the current video was good, or perhaps a little longer would be fine, too. Regardless, it’s a very cool google tool.

  5. I also enjoyed this immensely and would love for you to do more.
    On a personal note…would this google app work for me to read some stories to my granddaughter. When you read Peter Rabbit…do the book pages show as you read? I can see possibilities for this for historical explanations as well as for personal fun.
    Also…because you used google, are your recordings open to everyone on google … On the Internet..OR can you set privacy settings? Share with settings? Thank you!

  6. Linda,
    Yes, you could read stories to your granddaughter. That is uch a nice idea. What I did was put the pages of Peter Rabbit into a slideshow (like a powerpoint) because I liked the cleaner, book only look rather than the website that had the story. Then I used the app, ScreenCastify, to do the recording. The app can record just one window (like what I did for the bonnet) or the whole desktop to get the slideshow. ScreenCastify lets you load the recording to Google, Youtube or save it to your computer as an MP4 file that you could send directly to family. Within Google, you can set it so only you see it, only those with the shared link see it (what I did here) or so everyone can see it.

  7. Very cool…great teaching tool!!!!

  8. I like it. Sometimes you can read things but still can’t point to the name or even the pronunciation.

  9. Thanks you for all the good information. This has so many possibilities!

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