FanU Gets Festive – A Gift Box

wpid-2015-11-05-20.34.15-1.jpg.jpegOne of the thing I love about the techniques I shared in Fanciful Utility is that they can be used for so many projects. This time of year, FanU is great for fun, festive projects. For the next few weeks, I am going to share some of the ways FanU gets Festive.

wpid-2015-11-05-20.33.08.jpg.jpegThis Gift Box is a variation on the popular French sewing case I make. It uses the basic box making techniques from Fanciful Utility. This size box is nice for holding  many special gifts – hair comb, a necklace, an ornament, 9 tasty truffles, a small portrait and many more.

wpid-2015-11-05-20.33.37-1.jpg.jpegMake your box, or boxes, up using one fabric, alternating fabrics or a patchwork of fabrics. You can use Christmas fabrics for a festive holiday look, favorite prints to personalize the box, homespuns for a folk look, modern batikis for a flurry of color…. there are so many options.

Gift Box Template

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  1. I just love these little boxes. I think I need to get a bunch of pasteboard and fabric cut out and use them as part of Christmas this year. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  2. I think I hear a few empty cereal boxes calling my name, asking to be made into beautiful treasure boxes for my nieces…do you think single thickness would be strong enough, or should I do double?

  3. I would use a double layer when using cereal boxes. It will help with the strength.

  4. I think I hear some empty cereal boxes calling my name, begging to be made into beautiful treasure boxes for my nieces. I’m not familiar with period pasteboard, Do you think a single thickness of cereal box would be enough, or should l double it?

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